What is Jungle Pathing

Jungle Pathing represents the choices Junglers make in regards to when and where to gank. These choices include how they involve farming camps and buffs between their ganks, anticipating counterganks, and looking for opportunities to invade. It involves understanding the different abilities the champions in the game have and how they interact, as well as the overall interactions between the two team compositions.

Mastering Jungle Pathing can be a long process because it involves tons of game knowledge and the game sense of reading the map and understanding the flow of the game. This is why we set out to make the tool – to not only help Junglers hone their pathings, but to also help players in the other roles understand where the action is likely to happen.

The main goal of our tool is to help players understand which lanes are likely to be ganked according to the champions that are in the game. The simple explanation is that we use an easy “traffic-light” system to designate to players our projections:

The colors are simple enough, but a lot goes into defining them. In reality, we accomplish this by using a formula that considers factors such as crowd control, kill potential, and mobility options.  Note that this is the early stage of the tool and it will only get more advanced in time.

Crowd control helps to enable successful ganks by locking down victims or can prevent ganks by peeling and protecting. Lanes that have more CC have an advantage in ganks because so much of ganking comes down to timing and positioning.

The more control a lane has of holding someone in place and for a longer time, the better chance it has of succeeding. Think about the difference between ganking for a bot lane that has Leona (3 CC abilities) versus a lane that has Soraka (1 CC ability).

Lanes that have more CC are also more difficult to gank, a good comparison would be an Alistar bot lane to a Sona bot lane. Alistar has multiple tools to protect his lane in the form of a knockup or knockback, whereas Sona only has a slow before she gets her ultimate.

Having CC isn’t enough for locking down a kill, there must also be enough damage to kill (you can read more about this balance in our synergy article).  Champions that are lane dominant (like Draven) or have strong early game all-ins (think Talon level 2), are the sort of champs that will have higher kill potential in lane ganks.

On the other hand, champs that scale later in the game, such as Kassadin and Twitch, tend to have weaker early games and will naturally have less kill potential and may be harder to gank until they hit their power spikes.
Crowd Control and Kill Potential are both impacted by reliability – basically the ease of landing the CC or damage. This means that champions who rely on skillshots, such as Lux and Ezreal, have less reliability than champions like Annie or Malzahar who simply can point and click. Our formulas give an edge to more reliable lanes because ganks are simpler to execute.

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