Hardships Faced by the Farmers

A farmer in our country starts his day very early in the morning even before the sun sets in and straightaway he goes to serve his animals and thereafter he reaches at his farm in no time. In this way, the farmer’s day begins only at his field. Moreover, his job is not an easy one like the eight hour-job which any common urban citizen does in the city. After the day’s hard work when he reaches home with his oxen along with plough on his shoulders, still his heart and mind remain lost in his field. Though he sleeps in the night, but only thinking about the next day’s course of work which include crop sowing and harvesting, among others. Once again the next day from the early morning the same routine follows for him.

After such a difficult routine and hard work, no one can even imagine to face financial crunch, or to remain ridden with poverty. It is truly a reality in our country that the farmers commit suicide due to extreme poverty. They can’t do farming without taking loans from the local moneylenders and landlords to fulfil various requirements of farming. In true sense, no farmer can predict about his crop, and most of the time their entire crop gets destroyed because of flooding, draught, or any other natural calamity. In such a scenario their financial status become vulnerable and they fail to repay their debt.

But on the other hand, the amount of their loan becomes many times more than the principal, as the money lenders charge compound interest on the amount borrowed by the farmers. Hence a vicious circle of poverty gets kick-started automatically and they again enter the clutches of the same money lenders to borrow more money for their next crop. The situation gradually becomes so horrible that after the death of the father, the loan gets transferred to the son, who also starts his miserable journey to death in his fields working endlessly, but unable to repay the debt.

Among the many reasons responsible for this miserable situation of the farmers is that most of the farmers in our country are landless and they take the farms on batai (a unique arrangement of dividing the harvest in equal proportion. The final produced crop gets shared between the farmers and the landowners equally. The farmers’ real trouble starts when their crops get ravaged by floods or draught and thus they become helpless.

Already facing huge loss, the hapless farmers are struck with double whammy from the landowners and the money lenders for repaying their debt and the rising interest on the loan amount. Between all these miseries, the personal life of the farmers and that of their families get completely destroyed and eventually they decide to take the extreme step of committing suicide. To save our farmers from facing such situations, it is important for the Government to support them with various means.

These may include arranging loans for them on low interest rates, and supplying seeds and fertilizers free of cost and most importantly arranging for them farmlands on low cost, besides any other support whatsoever may be required. Apart from all these, for any reason if their crops get destroyed there should be a provision to waive of their entire loans.

The Government should support the farmers in all their activities attached to farming – from seeding to harvest. Against any eventualities, the Government should provide them guarantee for their crops, besides providing them economical land for farming as well. The Government should also provide them enough financial support to meet all their expenses in connection with farming. It should also ensure that their harvest reaches in the market directly without being affected by any hindrance created by the middlemen. Only if the government may ascertain all these supports, the complete happiness of the farmers can be ensured and they may avoid committing suicide at least due to this particular reason.

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