Meal planning can help with weight and portion control. It can also help when it comes to following a balanced diet, reducing stress and saving money (no more expensive takeout!). To start a new routine, choose a regular day to research meals, check your pantry for ingredients, grocery shop andRead More →

We all know that stress has an adverse effect on our health; it can raise blood pressure, cause weight gain, headaches, and digestive trouble, prevent restful sleep, and exacerbate symptoms of existing health conditions. If relieving tension were as simple as flipping a switch, we’d have that switch in arm’s reach,Read More →

Does the word “meditation” conjure up images of chanting in a hushed room, chasing after an elusive Zen while encircled by incense? Don’t let intimidation—or outdated stereotypes—stop you from achieving calmness. “People mistake some of the ‘traditional’ guidelines for how to meditate, but meditation at its core is a training,Read More →

Jungle Pathing represents the choices Junglers make in regards to when and where to gank. These choices include how they involve farming camps and buffs between their ganks, anticipating counterganks, and looking for opportunities to invade. It involves understanding the different abilities the champions in the game have and howRead More →

The search is underway to find the source of the virus responsible for the current outbreak of Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Gabon. As with previous epidemics there seems to be a link with primates. Searching for the cause of the first outbreak in Gabon in 1994, investigators were told ofRead More →